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Garden Organic the benefits of natural food

garden organic

Gardening whether it be organic or non organic is great for the soul. Going out during a summer morning and harvesting and tending to my crops brings a certain zen like serenity to me. It’s a way for me to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world. As I shifted to organic gardening I began to feel an even stronger sense of well-being, knowing that my five acre ecosystem was becoming healthier and stronger.

Yes It did take more work and a little patience but every victory was that much more satisfying, not only spiritually and mentally, but to my taste and health.

Everything on my five acres of land interact with one another in harmony.

  • My food waste feeds my earthworm bins and trenches
  • My earthworms feed my Catfish in a barrel and their castings fertilize my garden and plants
  • The water that I drain out of my Catfish barrel provides another nutrient rich plant food
  • My garden feeds me and my small livestock
  • My Livestock works as insect control, keeps my grass trimmed, fertilizes, and provides me with fur, meats, eggs, and milk
  • My food waste returns to my earthworm bins and trenches

You don’t have to do all this to garden organically, but it can be addicting once you start!

Why Garden Organically?

The Food

The elements of great tasting vegetables and fruits requires two things, rich nutritious soil composition and time. Supermarket produce is enhanced with chemicals to meet the highest production rate, that doesn’t allow for the flavor to truly develop. Try eating a tomato before it is fully mature and compare it to one that has been harvested when it reached its full maturity, the difference is night and day.

As for the soil composition if a plant is grown in soil that lacks real nutrition (as the majority of commercial farms do) the fruit or vegetable will grow but produce a bland weak flavor.

Organic gardens give these things and coupled with the freshness of picking it straight from the plant, provides the most flavorful taste.

garden organic


For all the reasons above are also why supermarket and chemically treated produce also give less nutrition. The typical Commercial farm will use fertilizers that do not cover the full spectrum of soil nutrition so neither does the finished product. in fact many of these chemicals tend to “water down” the nutritional content of the produce.

No Pesticide or Herbicide Residue

Why would willingly expose yourself to pesticides and herbicides? They have been implicated in:

  • Neurological disorders: such as anxiety, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Reproductive disorders such as: birth defects, stillbirth, miscarriage, and infertility
  • Child behavior disorders including: learning disabilities, mental retardation, hyperactivity and ADD.
  • Adult and child cancers such as: soft tissue sarcomas, malignant tumors of the connective, lung cancer, and breast cancer
  • Immune system weakening and autoimmune disorders
  • Asthma and allergies
  • Parkinson’s disease

And that is just scratching the surface..



Gardening can be inexpensive and by keeping your garden organic it also can be very cheap. By using natures own fertilizer and pesticides, and creating a natural ecosystem the return on your investment of seeds is amazing.

If you freeze or can your own produce you can potentially avoid purchasing any from the supermarket, saving you upwards $1500 dollars a year!

Let’s not forget with the higher quality food comes a healthier body, saving you potential healthcare costs down the road. If you bought a sports car would you fill it up with premium or regular gas?

Peace of Mind

Organic gardening is great for the spirit and mind, knowing that you are doing your part to help balance and keep our ecosystem clean while providing healthier better tasting food for your friends and family.

Why wouldn’t you garden the organic way?












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