The Amazing Soapberries


Soapberries The Soapberry is a common name for plants in the genus Sapindus, found mostly in tropical regions. These plants produce a berry that contain natures detergent Saponin. Ok.. Saponin? Saponin has many uses from cleaning to medical and even as a super food! however for our purposes we will focus on the cleaning aspect. Saponin is water-soluble, contains many detergent properties and naturally creates suds.\ Back to the Soapberries Soapberries are extremely gentle, completely natural, and chemical-free, perfect for even the most sensitive skin or delicate surfaces. Soapberries are also naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and a very powerful alternative to chemical cleaners. Soapberries have also been found to deter growth of many nasty things such as  e. coli, yeast, black mold, salmonella, and staph. yuck.. These are just a few of the many reasons to consider using these Soapberry recipes   Laundry Detergent Your soapberries will normally come with a reusable muslin bag that you fill with 5-6 soapberries. Just drop the bag directly into the wash and allow it to agitate through all the cycles. Saponins do not leave a residue on clothing like store-bought detergents, so no need to remove it before the rinse cycle. When the washer has stopped, you can either take them out to dry or reuse them for the next load. Each bag of soapberries can be re-used up to 10 times, or until the soapberries are mushy, or not producing suds anymore. This method works best with laundry washed in warm water because saponins are released better in warm water. If washing on cold, just simply steep the bag of soapberries in a few cups of hot water for several minutes (to release saponins) and add to your cold load of laundry.   Liquid Soapberries To use your soapberries for other household tasks, first we need to make a concentrate.

  • 7-15 Soap Berries in 6 cups of water.soapberries
  • Boil gently for about 30mins.  There should be about 4 cups of solution due to evaporation.
  • Gently press the soapberries with a large spoon to squeeze out extra saponins
  • You can either leave the soapberries in the solution or take them out and repurpose them.
  • I recommend canning the solution or adding a couple tbsp. of citric acid to keep the life of the solution.

Now that you have your soapberry concentrate there are all sorts of goodies you can make! Soapberry Dishwasher Liquid Simply fill your detergent trap with your soapberry concentrate and add a little less than a 1/4 cup of vinegar to the bottom of your dishwasher to make your dishes shine! Glass/Window Cleaner:

  • 2 tbsp. Soapberry Liquid Solution
  • 2 tbsp. Vinegar
  • 3c water
  • mix all ingredients together in a spray bottle

Keeps best in the fridge as it is essentially fruit juice and will start to mold if left at room temp All Purpose Soapberry Cleaner

  • 1/2 c. Soap Nut Liquid
  • 2 Tbsp. White Vinegar
  • 1/8 c. Water
  • Combine ingredients into a spray bottle

Soapberry Toilet Cleaner

  • 1/8 c. Baking soda
  • 1/8 c. Borax
  • 1/2 c. Soap Nut Liquid
  • 10 drops Eucalyptus Oil or Peppermint Oil (optional)

Stir everything together well, breaking up any clumps. You should have a thickish paste, Scoop out a bit of the paste with your sponge and clean your bathroom counters/tub/toilet with it. If you have any remaining, drop it in the toilet and use the toilet brush to clean the bowl well. Soapberry Shampoo 

  • After straining the soapberry concentrate add a couple tbsp. of corn flour
  • Mix well – I prefer to use a hand blender to get a fine consistency and get out all the lumps
  • Add essential oil for desired scent to the thickened mixture.

To prevent lice or control dandruff further boil down the concentrate to about two cups, let this super solution sit on your scalp for five mutes before rinsing. Be sure not to get any in your eyes! Soapberry Body Wash and shaving cream

  • Use your thickened soapberry shampoo, and drizzle olive oil  into it. About 1 tbs of oil per 100ml of the thickened shampoo liquid.
  • Add drops of essential oil: Lavender oil is perfect for moisturizing wash. Tea tree is good for shaving cream as it is soothing and antibacterial.
  • Using a blender to mix the oil and liquid together to form an emulsified cream.

I’m sure there are a million more uses for the Amazing Soapberries, If you have a recipe please comment below!

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